Music @ Maybury

At Maybury, we strive to provide our children with a high quality music education. Our aim is to engage and inspire them to develop a love of music and also to develop their talent as musicians.  In doing so, we believe that this will increase their self-confidence, creativity, sense of achievement and their well-being.

We provide on-going CPD to our staff to ensure that even those who are non-musicians are enabled to teach high quality lessons.  In addition to this, we are fortunate to work alongside high quality music specialists.  These partners have supported us to shape and deliver both our Maybury music curriculum and our music extra-curricular offer.

Choral Hull and Humber

We are fortunate to be in the third year of a successful partnership with Choral Hull. This partnership between Hull Minster and Hull Music Hub delivers Hull’s choral education strategy.

Children in Year 4 and Year 5 have a weekly singing lesson to introduce and cultivate their experience of choral singing. Opportunities for joining the Hull Minster Choir lead from this, as well as opportunities to perform in concerts and recitals.

We now have three children who have followed this progression route and are active members of the Hull Minster Choir.

Aria Choir  George Choir

Olivia Choir2

Our own school choir also benefit from working with Choral Hull.  They have developed into accomplished singers.  In March 2023, the school choir once again took part in the Music for Youth Regional Festival held at the Albemarle Music Centre in Hull.  We were delighted to receive an invite for them to perform at the National Festival at Birmingham Town Hall in July 2023. The repertoire for the performance was challenging and modelled the different styles that the choir are now able to sing in:

  • English Folk Song: Early One Morning
  • Hymn: Panis Angelicus (performed in Latin)
  • Modern children's song: Music Matters!

As a result of this great performance, the choir then sang with the Hull Minster Choir at the Lord Mayor of Hull's Service. 


Hull Music Service: Brass and Percussion

The school also receives music support from members of the Hull Music Service (the lead partner for the Hull Music Hub). A member of the brass team teaches a class lesson of music to children in Year 3 and in Year 4.  In Year 3, children are taught how to play the pBuzz.  This is a precursor to a brass instrument; it has a brass mouthpiece and allows children to perfect the technique of producing a small range of notes, before progressing to a brass instrument in Year 4. The full range of brass band brass instruments are on offer for children to learn.

From Year 4 to Year 6, children are also able to have brass lessons. These children then form the school brass band.

Children in Year 3 to Year 6 are able to have a weekly percussion lesson from a music teacher from Hull Music Hub. Children who have percussion lessons in Year 5 and Year 6 make up the Maybury Percussion Ensemble.

Band 1  Band

Percussion Percussion 2


We are fortunate to have a talented guitar teacher on the staff.  Three after school clubs are available for Key Stage 2 children to join: a beginners, intermediate and advanced.  




This year, we have been able to extend our music provision and are now able to offer children keyboard lessons.

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