'The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future' - Theodore Roosevelt

The study of history builds children’s understanding of society and inspires curiosity about the past. It helps to understand change and societal development. History provides a context for children from which to understand themselves and others. We believe that history is a subject that focuses on the past, but can also give us insight into the present.  

The history curriculum at Maybury has been carefully planned to allow our children to gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain's past and that of the wider world. We have carefully designed our history curriculum so that children gain knowledge as they progress through the school.

Learning in history begin in EYFS where children learn the concept of the past as something that has already happened; for example eating breakfast that morning, end of playtime, yesterday.

In Key Stage 1, history is taught first through events in living memory and then moves to events beyond living memory. Children learn about the local historical figure of Amy Johnson and then relate this learning to significant individuals who have contributed to national and international achievements from beyond their own locality.

In Key Stage 2, the concepts of Farming, Governance, Invasion and Culture have been chosen as the four main repeating concepts that develop learning as children study different areas and eras in our history curriculum.  Through the course of their study, children will also learn about Settlements, Resistance, Legacy, Law & Justice and Technology.

Our curriculum also develops children's knowledge of how historians investigate the past and how they construct historical claims, arguments and accounts. Our curriculum has been carefully sequenced so that children learn about historical concepts through:

  • Chronological Understanding 
  • Historical evidence and interpretation
  • Knowledge and understanding (how society changes over time: Continuity & Change, Cause & Consequence; Similarity & Difference)
  • Organisation and communication

Maybury Primary History Curriculum Progression 2023-24

History Curriculum Progression