Design Technology

'Virtually everything around us has been designed and engineered in some way'

- Design and Technology Association

At Maybury, we offer our children the opportunity to acquire valuable practical skills and to put their creativity and imagination to good use. We believe that Design Technology is an exciting and inspiring subject and we aim to develop our children for a world where they are able to shape the designs of the future.

Our curriculum ensures that children are supported to experiment and take risks within a safe environment. Through Design Technology, children learn to design and make products using knowledge and skills from other curriculum areas.  Children are also given opportunities to reflect upon and evaluate past and present design technology, it's uses and effectiveness. Learning from mistakes, or 'when things go wrong' is a valuable life skill and in Design Technology enables children to modify, develop and change both designs and products. 

Maybury Primary Design Technology Curriculum Progression 2023-24

Design Technology Curriculum Progression