Religion and World Views

At Maybury Primary School we have designed our Religion and Worldviews curriculum to enable pupils to become responsible citizens and effectively engage and communicate with the community and wider world around them. Our curriculum is based on the Hull and East Riding Agreed Syllabus for Religion and World Views and national guidance.

 Our vision is for children to be develop the ability to hold balanced and well informed conversations about religion and belief. In order to achieve this, children need a secure knowledge of religions and beliefs with opportunities to reflect and ask questions. 

We recognise that many of the children at Maybury have limited exposure to a diverse range of religious and cultural practices. Therefore, our curriculum aims to give children knowledge beyond their immediate world and experiences. To enable the children to be responsible citizens, developing a religious literacy is fundamental as this will allow them to understand the diversity of practises within a religion and therefore, not generalise or stereotype groups of people.

 Religion and Worldviews is a multidisciplinary subject and our curriculum allows children to explore the key disciplines that form its foundation. These are:

 Theology  - This is about believing, asking questions about the concept and nature of god, where beliefs come from, about sources of authority and influence.

 Social Sciences  - This is about living, asking questions about the influence of religions and beliefs on individuals, communities, culture and how people live their lives.

 Philosophy - This is about thinking, asking questions about morality and ethics, about the nature of reality and what it means to be human.

We encourage our children to question, discuss and debate their opinions in order to make comparisons, identify differences and similarities and be accepting of those which are different to their own.

Our approach to the curriculum aims to ensure that all children, by the time they leave the school in year 6, to have developed religious literacy and a secure knowledge of religions and beliefs. In this way, children will have the tools to counter any extreme or stereotyped views they may encounter beyond the classroom and to access the wider world as responsible citizens. 

Religion and World Views Curriculum Progression